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      We are not so arrogant and foolish, he said. Believe what I saythat they will be very glad.

      Good gracious! What has she done?She crimsoned to her neck.

      He had to go to London to buy some articles of mourninggloves[256] and a hat-band, and so on, which he could not obtain in primitive Oakfieldand so he passed down St. Jamess Street within a stones-throw of Trafford.

      She did not reply, but looked at him with a tender, almost pitying significance, and glidedLady Ada was famous for her walkto the piano. Half mechanically he followed her. If she had not started and remarked upon the kissing of Esmeraldas hand, he would have thought nothing of it. Now that she had done so, the action assumed larger proportions.

      She went to him and put her arm round his neck, and he could feel that she was struggling with her tears.

      I wish you a long and happy life, Lady Trafford, said the courtly bishop, taking her hand in his soft one and smiling benignantly at her; and, with Gods blessing, I think my wish, and the wish of many, will be fulfilled.


      "Yes, dearest, all is calm now."


      She glanced at his well-worn riding-suit and red flannel shirt.


      The following evening Esmeralda stood in the center of the dressing-room, with the two maids and Lady Wyndover in a circle round her. She was fully dressed, and upon her white arms and neck glittered and sparkled the set of diamonds and pearls which they had bought in Bond Street.