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      Ribauld, 'The Whole and True Discovery of Terra Florida,' This is Captain Jean Ribaut's account of his voyage to Florida in 1562. It was "prynted at London," "newly set forthe in Englishe," in 1563, and reprinted by Hakluyt in 1582 in his black-letter tract entitled 'Divers Voyages.' It is not known to exist in the original French.

      "My brother," said Menendez, "go and tell your general, that, if he wishes to speak with me, he may come with four or six companions, and that I pledge my word he shall go back safe."[37] The Hurons became very jealous, when La Roche Dallion visited the Neutrals, lest a direct trade should be opened between the latter and the French, against whom they at once put in circulation a variety of slanders: that they were a people who lived on snakes and venom; that they were furnished with tails; and that French women, though having but one breast, bore six children at a birth. The missionary nearly lost his life in consequence, the Neutrals conceiving the idea that he would infect their country with a pestilence.La Roche Dallion, in Le Clerc, I. 346.

      Then, apparently by chance, he approached Phorion. Im going to Thessaly in a few days, he said in a tone which he endeavored to make as careless as possible, and shall probably visit Methone. If you240 wish, Phorion I will carry your regards to Simonides."They will 'ave to raise mo'," twittered Madame Valcour, "if New Orleans fall'."

      Though a stranger, he said, you have fulfilled my dearest wish and restored order to my household. May the gods bless you for it! To my dying day I shall remember this time as a happy hour. But tell me, my son, is there nothing you desire, nothing I can do for you?


      The Samians boat was lowered into the water, and the seamen vied with each other in leaping in, believing that they would only be safe when far away from Thyamis and his band. Overcrowded though this boat was, there was no danger; the sea was calm,220 there were men enough to row, and the distance to the nearest of the Cyclades was not great.


      But Clytie tore herself from his embrace, gathered the folds of her robe around her, and fled as lightly as a deer up the steps, where her slender figure vanished in the darkness."He means," she heard Mandeville put in, "he means--Charlie--only that we muz not tell. 'Tis a sicret."


      Is it you, Doris? What do you want? a voice said, interrupting the silence.