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      "By my faith, cousin," said he, addressing Thomas of Woodstock, "yonder are the varlets! Do you see how bravely their pennons are waving, and how, here and there, among their black heads, something bright glitters in the sun?""Your importunity," continued the abbot, "has cast this indignity on holy church, and on me its minister; but nevertheless, this lord, powerful though he be, must be taught obedience to that power he has contemned."


      "Well, you're not to t?ake that coat back to Flightshot yourself. Give it to me when we come to Eggs Hole, and I'll see that he has it."

      Two sons were gone now. Life was hitting him hard. But he would have no traitors in his camp. Albert was his son no longer.

      Rate, skate, and crabs.On the second morning after Holgrave's capture, the baroness, upon Calverley's entering the room in which she sat, inquired if he had seen the wife of Holgrave? "I hear," continued she, without noticing the surprise which the question created, "that she is in the court-yard, and has had the insolence to ask one of the varlets if she might speak with me! Go, Calverley, and desire her to leave the castle instantly."



      "Aye, aye," said Harvey, encouraged by the unembarrassed manner of his leader; "they are spirits I'll warrant, that can be laid by swords and staves instead of prayers!"


      "Yes, but d?an't m?ake him angryhe might beat you."