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      MRS. B.: It's easy to talk.

      "The orders is to stay right here for the night," said the Orderly-Sergeant, coming up through the brush to Si, "and be ready for anything that comes. I don't know what old Sherman meanswhether he is going to send over some balloons to lift us to the top of the rocks, or set us to tunneling through. I suppose it ain't my business to know. I've got enough to do running this company. But something's got to bust inside the next 24 hours, and when it does there'll be the dumbedest smash this country ever saw. Stay where you are till further orders, and make yourselves as comfortable as possible.""Yes, Dr. Haenlingen." Norma stood awkwardly. "Thank you"

      "Haven't they any real big guns that will?"They arrived in front of Eph's place about the same time he did.

      up sum whAir soon. Then thEy wood sHp a bridlE ovEr yore

      Norma shook her head at the reflection. "I'm sorry."



      She was leaning against the wall, if he had released her she could not have run away. She was like a rabbit, paralysed with fear."I'm hungry, Naomi. Wot have you got fur me?"