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      "Have you lived long at the Angler's Nest, Mrs. Disney?" he asked.Bergan now mended rapidly; a mind and heart at ease are excellent medicines. In a few days it was pronounced safe to remove him to Oakstead. Here he was informed of the strange disappearance of Maumer Rue.

      They went into the drawing-room, which was bright with flowers in a sunlit dusk, the sun streaming in through the narrow opening between the Venetian shutters, which had been drawn together, but not fastened. All was very still in the quiet house; so still that they could hear the splash of the fountain in the Piazza, and the faint rustling of the limes in the garden.[Pg 256]

      I do, said Varley Howard in his slow way. Does any one object?[Pg 182]

      You might talk until you were black in the face, said Esmeralda, calmly, but I shouldnt go without Varley. You can keep the money.

      She started at the question. He saw her cheeks crimson in the lamplight.

      Lostwithiel detained her at the gate.


      In spite of this contemptuous opinion, Mr. Crowther was always polite to Francis Colfox, and had even thought of him as a pis-aller for one of his daughters. There is hardly anything in this life which a self-made man respects so much as race, and Francis Colfox belonged to an old county family, had a cousin who was an earl, and another cousin who was[Pg 120] talked of as a probable bishop. He was, therefore, allowed to make himself very much at home at Glenaveril, and to speak his mind in a somewhat audacious way to the whole family.[Pg 215]


      Rising, at last, Rue turned to Bergan, and made him a low, reverential courtesy."I hope to-night may be an exception."


      Send for one of the women, he said."Who can tell?" responded Mr. Islay, solemnly. "If the eye sees no comeliness in Christ, to desire Him, if the heart feels no void which craves His fulness, no pang which needs His healing, who can tell when the one will be opened, the other emptied or smitten? 'The wind bloweth where it listeth.' But I can tell you, Doctor Remy, how a man can postpone the time of conviction to the last moment, perhaps to the very end."