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      And then, all at once, she forgot to watch them. Suddenly, or gradually, she knew not which, a magical change had been wrought in her surroundings; old things had vanished, all things had become new. A new sky, a new earth,stars and cloud-shapes of bewitching vagueness and softness,scenery of wondrous coloring and surpassing loveliness,lights that were tenderer than any shadows, and shadows that were only subdued lights;of what were these things the signs? Had she also been drifting, and whither?

      "Coralie's music sounds sweeter outside than within."But, being ever mindful of his craft,'

      "Why should you grieve at the thought of their love? Is it because it may please God to take you from them in the morning of your life? If it is that dread which agitates you I entreat you to put it aside. There is nothing in your case that forbids hope, and hope will do much to help your recovery. You should tell yourself how valuable your life is to those who love you. The thought of their affection should give you courage to struggle against apathy and languor. Believe me, invalids have their condition a great deal more in their own power than they are inclined to believe. So much can be overcome where the spirit is strong and brave, where faith and hope fight against bodily weakness. You ought not to be sitting alone here in this saddening spot. It is lovely, but with the beauty of death. You ought to be driving out to Frascati or to Tivoli with your husband. You ought to be watching the carriages in the Pincian Gardens, or amusing yourself in one of the picture galleries."It is odd how strong a resemblance can co-exist with perfect dissimilarity of features and complexion. Though she was very lovelythis Coralie Youleand with a blithesome and bewitching loveliness all her own, Bergan had never been able to look upon her, nor could he see her now, without some deep, keen pain, as from an unhealed wound. There were tones in her voice which reminded him of one that he would hear no more; and she had ways and gestures which continually awakened memories not yet softened by distance into lines and tints of perfect purity and peace. And yet, what an irresistible, subtle charm in her was this very power to pain him!

      "That is your Indian experience!" exclaimed Allegra, scornfully. "I have heard that India is a sink of iniquity.""You forget, my dear," said Mr. Bergan, gently, "that it was for Carice's sake. We were thinking only of her."

      "My dear one, you are looking very ill," he said, with an anxious air.


      "I am really very well. There is nothing the matter with me."Oh! he is, is he? said Taffy, eying the embarrassed youth with a sort of good-natured sarcasm. Well, I dont know that theres much call for lords at Three Star; but as Miss Howardhe pronounced the name with a significant emphasis, as if he meant to impress Norman with her status and importancehas made a kind of chum of you, youre welcomeeh, boys?


      "In some small measure, yes. I can certify you that the medicine is good, because I have taken it; that the staff is strong, because I have leaned upon it; that the weapon is efficient, because I have fought with it. Allow me to hope that you do not need the certification."


      "And you have read that other story of her who knelt in[Pg 259] the dust at her Saviour's feet, and to whom He said, 'Neither do I condemn thee.'"