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      Now, he said, I will go and find out what vessel leaves for Melbourne; you must go down to my mother and explain that I cant come back till to-morrow. You will find her better; but still too ill to hear the truth of this business. Tell her anything you like, but not the truth, please.

      "Ah, if we had only gone no farther!"

      Lady Wyndover stopped as if she had been shot, and stared at him aghast."I know that matters little to you--"

      I love you! I love you! she said.A hoarse kind of roar, low and threatening, arose from the Three Star men. Varley held up his hand to command silence.

      "Matter or spirit," said Anna more gravely, "I can't criticise it. I can't even praise it--oh! but that's only be--because I haven't--the courage!"

      Oh, I dont know, he said. But why did you say that? You spoke as ifoh! its stupid of me, of course, he laughed apologeticallyas if you werent quite happy.


      The negro tittered: "Oh, as to dat, I don't 'spute but yone is betteh."



      Simon strode twenty paces, and the two men took up their positions.