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      Now, Mister Jeff, he remarked, safe behind the roar of their climb. Go anywhere you likelife preserver and all. Ill make the tracks sandy for you if you want to stop! He employed a railway expression, whimsically applying it to the airplane instead.

      All afternoon he was as busy as a boy trying to keep ten tops spinning!Now the clouds hid them. By use of his instruments he could keep on a level keel, Larry knew, and with the engine throttled off, they could not be traced by its roar.

      Shorty had been frantically trying to catch the Deacon's eye, and was making all manner of winks and warning gestures without avail, for the Deacon answered frankly:


      In his whole life he had never felt such a sense of elation!His depression was more because his air training was over than from a real sense of failure. To Larry, one only failed when one failed to do his bestand that he had not failed in.


      Then he saw it. They began to drop swiftly, coming ever closer to the field. And then they set down, safe and unmolested.


      See what Friday, the thirteenth, does for you? Jeff said.