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      How much has been spent on the new wing already? he asked.

      "But you could help your country just as well by staying at h?ame and growing corn."I wish you would not call it dressings-up, Mamma, she said. You know perfectly well that they are vestments. They all signify something: they have a spiritual meaning.

      Meantime affairs at Grandturzel were going from bad to worse. Reuben did not speak much about Grandturzel, but he watched it all the same, and as time wore on a look of quiet satisfaction would overspread his face when it was mentioned at the Cocks. He watched the tiles drip gradually off its barn roofs, he watched the thatch of its haggards peel and moult, he watched the oasts lose their black coats of tar, while the wind battered off their caps, and the skeleton poles stuck up forlornly from their turrets. Holes wore in the neat house-front, windows were broken and not mended, torn curtains waved signals of distress. It was only a question of waiting.

      "Fear!" repeated the galleyman, as he gazed on the beautiful features of the abashed Lucy; "what can such an angel have to fear?and yet, by the saints! such a prize would tempt the honestest captain that ever commanded a vessel. Years have passed away since I last saw you;you were then but a child. You have forgotten mebut in storm or in sunshine, never have I forgotten you: the first sound of your voice, when I was aloft there, made my heart beatand I thought I would run all hazards and face you. Butyou don't know who is talking to youDo you?"But you were thinking of giving up your business altogether, said she.{337}



      "My name is John Ball, and I have been the son of a bondman, insulting craven," replied the father, indignantly;"but I owe the Baron de Boteler no allegianceyou well know that the priest can be servant to none save he who created the bond and the free."