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      She looked me up and down suspiciously, and then said:I said it quite innocently, without any other desire beyond that of taking off the edge of my really trying hunger. But the effect of my question was surprising indeed. He looked at me dumbfounded, and asked:


      "Perhaps you had better describe this motor," said the coroner.

      "But where did you stay then during the night?"

      Meanwhile the brilliant society season was drawing to a close. Few smart functions remained, but there would be no more dashing affair than the forthcoming ball at Lytton Avenue. The supper was coming from Paris, the decorations were unique, the flowers were to cost upwards of a thousand pounds. The society papers had more or less veracious paragraphs, a score of lady journalists were making copy of the affair.


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      Prout came up smiling in the course of the next afternoon. He was disposed to chaff his prisoner in a mild kind of way.